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VirusBoats Turbo Skiff

LiteBoat is the most atractive, modern equivalent for sea use with much better performance characteristics. However, the TS515 training scull is a much cheaper alternative for use on rivers.

Single rowing skiffs built for speed in a stunning, sleek design.

With minimum practice, even the novice can harness the power of the stable VirusBoats Turbo Skiff.

A sliding wing rigger linked to the foot stretcher replaces the traditional sliding seat and fixed rigger.

"Turbo" mechanics concentrate the rower's efforts for maximum propulsion.


VirusBoats Rowing Sculls

Fast, affordable recreational sculls.

The sliding wing virtually eliminates pitching created by weight transfer resulting in a smooth, almost frictionless glide.

Made of fibreglass, the unsinkable VirusBoats Turbo Skiff is 95% self-bailing.

How is it so fast?

The Turbo Skiff was designed after the Yole as a single rather than a double. This meant it could be made narrower and thus faster. But a short narrow boat tends to pitch fore and aft so VirusBoats used an idea that had been discovered by the racing community - the sliding rigger. This keeps the weight of the rower in the middle of the boat so the boat no longer pitches thereby reducing drag.

But it has another advantage. The conventional arrangement, where the rower slides fore and aft on a sliding seat in order to take advantage of the power of the legs, produces an oscillation in hull speed above and below the average speed of the boat. The extra drag at higher speeds is not equally compensated for by the reduced drag at lower speeds so the boat with a sliding seat is not as fast as it could be. However, the sliding rigger arrangement greatly reduces this oscillation in hull speed. Hence the speed of the Turbo Skiffs.

Add to this the boat's light weight and its smooth gel-coated fibreglass hull and you can readily see why this is the fastest boat in the VirusBoats range.

Details of the sliding rigger arrangementDetails of the foot stretcher and rigger


Is it sea worthy? Judge for yourself.

White Turbo Skiff being rowed through a breaker
You simply have to be able to have fun with this boat!

"I have had a turbo skiff for nearly two years now and I row most Saturday and Sunday mornings off Studland beach, Dorset. There's a good 10km stretch of beach to row off, beach faces east, so you're protected from the south westerly winds 'most' weekends. A river sculler enquired the other weekend about the sliding rigger - he had read an article on the Virus boats, but never seen one - I let him have a go - 'blown away' is the best description.

If you haven't tried it - you must have a go"

Bob Cottell


How easy is it to carry?

The boats come with cleats fore and aft to which we recommend you attach some kind of strap or toggle.  The boats can then easily be carried by two people.  One person can carry this 22kg boat quite easily but probably not for too long.  It can readily be dragged up a beach by one person.  But to lift or carry it any distance on your own we would recommend that you remove the stretcher and the rigger assembly.  Then it is quite manageable.

There is a better alternative for the single user.  That is to invest in a Turbo Trolley.  With this cunning and inexpensive device you can convert your boat into a wheelbarrow.  You place the boat onto the trolley and balance it so you only need to pick up one end and it can be wheeled any distance like this.

Better still, the beach trolley, allows you to float the boat on and off the trolley without scratching the underside of your beautiful new Turbo Skiff.

The Turbo Trolley folds up neatly.
Beach Trolley seen here transporting a Yole

Can I choose my boat colour?

Yes. The Turbo Skiff is available in three beautiful colours. The exciting Ferrari Red, the stunning Blue 'n Bleu and the ever practical White.

Sport 300 scull

What oars (sculls) should I choose?

Any conventional racing sculls will be suitable for the Turbo Skiff if you or your club already has some to spare.  The span (distance from pin to pin) is 160cm as are most conventional racing sculls. 

  • If you are buying new then we recommend, for economy, the Sport 300 which is a modern design with a moulded plastic, Macon shaped blade mounted on a lightweight aluminium shaft. They are fitted with wooden handles for durability and comfort and have plastic sleeves with adjustable buttons so that you can alter the leverage of the oar to your personal preference.
  • However, for best performance we recommend racing oars (sculls) made from composite fibreglass & carbon fibre. These come with hatchet blades and are nowadays adjustable in both length and gearing so you can be sure to get comfortable with them.

What is the price?

Suffice to say that these skiffs are very affordable.  Our price list assumes that boats will be delivered in England or Wales so we need to ask you where you live and where you would want the boat delivered in case we need to quote you specially.  Do not be put off by this.  We have delivered boats to Japan, Guatemala, Australia, Sweden, Scotland, Menorca, Ireland for example, at very reasonable cost.

How long does it take for delivery of a boat?

Usually between 3 and 7 weeks.  It just depends how busy we are with orders.  Obviously there is an element of seasonality in this business.TurboSkiff


Quick Summary of the Turbo Skiffs            VirusBoats Turbo Skiff Fast Affordable Fibreglass Quickest boat in the VirusBoats range
more broad abeam than racer for greater stability           
l unsinkable            hull: Fibreglass
l pitching from weight transfer virtually eliminated           
l smooth glide which does not brake the run of the boat between strokes            colour: White, Ferrari Red, Two Tone Blue
l low-maintenance rigging           
l lightweight, corrosion-resistant alloy wing with stainless steel ball bearings            seating: Fixed seat with swivelling oarlocks on sliding wing rigger attached to foot stretcher
l rigging adjusts without tools in less than a minute           
l wing and stretcher adjusts to three positions            length:
l uses aluminium sport or fibre racing oars           
l 95% self-bailing cockpit            Single rowing scull (skiff) built for speed in a stunning sleek design.
l easily transports by car           


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